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Innovative New High Technology Solutions and High Quality Products Made in Taiwan

Sand bags Self Inflating
                    Sand Bag PictureAbsorbant Sand Bags - EZ -BAG™  (A Patented Self-Inflating Sandless Flood Control SandBag! Self-Inflating Sand Bags)

Sand bags that require NO prior preparation for use. A new fast and easy flood control product to revolutionize the way floods are fought! Water absorbing resin sand bags that self inflate in minutes and are environmentally friendly! Sandless sandbags for flood control, construction projects and more.
Video Available.

Personal and Wide Area
                  JammersCellular Phone Signal Jamming Devices

Mobile Phone Jammer
Completely block the use of cellular (mobile) phone.  No transmissions and/or receptions of cellular phone calls under jamming coverage area!  It is used to keep a tranquil  atmosphere in public buildings and other areas where cell phone noise is not wanted. We provide portable and stationary jammers.

EMF Anti-RadiationElectromagnetic Radiation Shielding Blockers - EMI Protection

Video Available.  Block out harmful radiation rays when you use a cell phone or other electronic device.  Block out EMF rays, protect yourself from cell phone dangers.  Stickers, aprons, bibs, shawls, work vests  mobile phone bags, and more!  Now also introducing RF power meters!  Our product can block 99.99% EMR!  

Come see our 2006 Computex Booth pictues!
RF Power MeterRF Power Meter - Electrosmog Detector and Field Strength Meters for Wireless Applications

Ever wonder how strong the electromagnetic radiation level (field) is around you?  Or wonder if when in a hotel room or toilet if there is a spy camera present? Well, now you can find out with our Electrosmog personal detector. Small, light weight affordable, and simple to use! 

Come see photos from the Taitronics 2006 exhibition!

Electricity Management Kit Electricity Management Kit - A Fuel Saving Device

More Power, Less Fuel. For all 12V Vehicles. To enhance the vehicle's electricity system, for Hi-Power compentency, and to assist the ignition system to have more power with lower fuel consumption. Simple to install and use.

A New High Quality Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) products coming soon
dB Sound Level
                  MeterDecibel (dB) Sound Level Meters

Can be used for airports, communities, construction sites, enforcing sound level laws, factories, home owners, industrial areas, offices, machinery, noise compliance issues, traffic, and more.  Ideal for collecting data for a variety of applications including to determine the need for noise protection devices, monitoring noise reduction efforts and identifying high and low frequency noise.

Duo Back ChairDual-Back Chairs

Finally a ergonomic chair that supports your spine and is comfortable. Most office workers will spend 80,000 hours or more sitting a chair during the course of their life, and usually people do not adjust their chair, they adjust to their chair, which causes a number of neck and back problems.  The dual-back chairs support and reduce spinal pressure by 50% compared to conventional chairs.

Binchutan Charcoal Micro Spun Towels
High quality products made in Taiwan, Taiwan Manufacturer

New Versatile Cool Winter Scarf
GBR Geo Rebirth - high capacity dredging machines
Multi purpose soil solidification agent for construction, transportation, coastal protection and waste management applications.

Dredging  Rivers and lakes for waste management and construction.  Have experience in China.
  • Micro Mobile Generators, purifiers and more.  Consumer Products, Promotional Items and Gifts, High Technology Gadgets & Devices, Essential Oils, Wedding items, and much more.
  • Sourcing, B2B, B2C, R&D, Manufacturing and OEM/ODM Capabilities.  Consulting, Trade Exhibition Representation, GIS Data and Maps, & Product Safety Testing.

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Product Sourcing and Manufacturing in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Notice: Most of our products are and have been manufacturered in Taiwan, not China, your safety is also important to us!

We are an International Trading Company - Exporting World Wide from Greater China.  Most products are made in Taiwan by Taiwan Manufacturers

Sorry products are not available for retail sale.  Minimum orders are generally 1000pcs or higher.  Send us an email to inquire.

We are seeking agents, buyers, distributors, importers and investors worldwide for all products.

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